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"Precisely the impression that, at your best, you hope to convey."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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We curate dress shirt brands from around the world based on your unique profile, covering more options than you’d ever have time to try on your own.

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About us

"The Wardrobe Essentialist is for men who want to look great, but hate shopping for clothes."

Introducing Personalized Wardrobe Discovery

What a man wears makes an impression. Appropriate style choices and good fit put him at a natural advantage. Every man deserves this advantage, and we're creating a free, scalable way to deliver it.

The mission is highly personal.  When I graduated from Harvard 35 years ago, I was anxious about building the new wardrobe I needed for work. Nobody in my family had ever worked in a "Suit & Tie" job, so I was making it up as I went along. Fortunately, right across the street from the Harvard Yard, I found my guide. Stonestreet Clothiers was a tiny shop with everything I needed, curated by a guy who had been outfitting new graduates for decades. Unfortunately, the shop was only available for a small number of guys in Cambridge, MA, and it closed years ago. We need a new platform for the 21st century, focused on helping Buyers find their ideal Seller, not Sellers "Acquiring" Buyers.

Imagine that Expedia & Spotify had a kid who grew up to manage your wardrobe.  Searching the whole marketplace in an instant, and returning with an Online Shirt collection built just for you.  A selection of brands, all in one place. No styling fees, subscriptions, or markups. Make a better impression and finish your shopping 10X faster than a trip to the store. Confident that you're getting the best value.

We deliver free services in five key areas

Note: we love Expedia & Spotify, but they're in no way affiliated.

Find new items that fit your body the way you like
Find appropriate items that help you connect with people in your different destinations at work and "off duty," to create precisely the impression that, at your best, you hope to convey
Make sure each new item gives you great value for your money
Find items that fit your personal style, including new trends that fit your needs
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When you're ready to "retire" an item, help you donate to a non-profit that's having an impact.

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"The Wardrobe Essentialist is for men who want to look great, but hate shopping for clothes."

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